O365 is Microsoft’s online collaboration platform. It includes email, calendaring, file storage (OneDrive), collaboration tools and more. Watch Microsoft’s short video on Office 365.

O365 is protected by Passport York and can be accessed from most systems and devices. For instructions on accessing O365, click here!

Office 365 Outlook provides you with business-class email, calendars, and contacts, which can be accessed from your web browser, computer or phone. Delivered as a hosted service from Microsoft, it offers a high standard of security for your information while providing the control you want and the reliability you need. Office 365 runs your email on Microsoft’s globally-redundant servers protected by built-in antivirus and anti-spam filters.

For our top 5 reasons to move to Outlook, click here!

O365 will work on any device or system running a current version of a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge). For a full list of supported browsers, click here!

There will be no cost to your faculty or department.

Office 2016 is the newest version of the Office productivity suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), a software suite typically accessed via the desktop. Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription to a larger suite of programs that includes Office 2016. For more info, click here!

Your Microsoft Office account's data is populated by the HR database. This means that whatever your ‘Primary’ name is recorded as in HR will appear in the Active Directory as your Office 365 username. You can change your ‘Primary’ name online via HR Self-Serve. Changes made to your ‘Primary’ name will be visible in other systems, including MS Outlook Address Book within the next business day.

All user-created groups must conform to a naming convention in order to avoid naming collisions.

The group naming convention has been changed to use the following prefix:

<Dept Abbreviation> followed by a dash “-”

The department abbreviation is dependent on the department the user creating the group belongs to. For example, if a UIT staff member creates a Team called “Projects”, the group name will be “UIT-Projects”.


  • Identify what department or faculty created the group
  • Categorize groups in the address book
  • Improve searches related to a department or faculty
  • To allow multiple departments to have unique names for common groups (LAPS-Deans Office, EDU-Deans Office, etc.)

Click here for a list of department abbreviations!

Getting the wrong prefix, or want a different one? Contact askit@yorku.ca


100 GB instead of the previous 2 GB.

You will have 5 TB of storage space with OneDrive. You will also still have access to your departmental shared drives.

Yes! Teams is our recommended and supported instant messaging option.

If you are no longer employed by York University, your Passport York account will be expired and removed. This removal will include the deletion of your Office 365 data—email, calendar, contacts, and OneDrive files (including documents you’ve shared).

Prior to your departure from the University, you should coordinate with your manager and provide copies of critical documents stored in your OneDrive or email. Your account is recoverable for a period of no more than 30 days from the date your affiliation with the University ends.

Yes! anyone can collaborate provided they set up a Microsoft account. When you invite someone to collaborate and they do not have an account, they will be prompted to create one. There is no registration fee.

Yes! Microsoft Office 2016 is available to all YorkU users.